2nd Annual Bigfoot Hunt Information


It's that time of year again! The Clarkston Volunteer Fire Department is hosting it's 2nd annual Bigfoot Hunt and we need your help! Clarkston Fire Service Area #6 is seeking donations for upgraded gear and equipment. The Clarkston Volunteer Fire Department has a capable team of dedicated volunteer firefighters and EMT’s that have answered whenever called upon. They face unique challenges in that the nature of calls in Clarkston can include medical emergencies, structure fires, wild land fires, vehicle accidents and sometimes, a combination of different exposures. 

Clarkston has been experiencing growth similar to that of the rest of the Gallatin Valley and as the community continues to grow, Clarkston Fire needs to be able to grow with it. In order to more effectively handle any increased demand on the department, donations could be used for upgrades to EMS equipment, safety gear, communications, training opportunities, and fire engines. 

Last year’s hunt had over 500 people in attendance and raised over $16,000! With that money, the fire department was able to pay for the services of a radio technician who was able to correct tuning issues, upgrade or change antennas, and identify issues with the equipment already in inventory. Four new handheld radios were purchased and, at the technician’s advice, all the batteries on the existing radios were replaced. After all of the repairs, tuning, and replacement radios, there was enough money left for the department to purchase much needed rescue lights and helmet lights for each firefighter. All of which was only possible because of donors like you.

In our "more" drop down menu above, you will find our sponsorship packet and general information flyer. We are seeking (tax-deductible) monetary donations as well as donations-in-kind for our raffles and auctions. If you would like to donate, require further information, or have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Thank you and happy hunting!

Bigfoot "Sighting" at Headwaters Ranch

Bigfoot "Sighting" at Headwaters Ranch